Who doesn’t! We all know gin has become the fashion drink, but do you really know what makes a good one, let alone ones garnished pink grapefruit, smouldering rosemary, or a fresh wedge of orange? Sound different? Well it is, unique in fact and that’s why Burleighs Gin and its own gin bar and bottle shop, 45 West are a destination for both the connoisseur, the lush (you know who you are) and the cocktail adventurer.

45 West Bottle Shop and Bar offer a bespoke approach both to G&Ts, their offer of fine wines and spirits for sale and the décor and service. Local, independent Burleighs Gin is distilled in the county itself but has a reputation that spans the country into the likes of Fortnum and Mason of London, enjoying an international reputation overseas, most popular in Spain, where Director, Phil Burley himself is based representing the brand internationally.

You may well ask yourself aren’t G&Ts all pretty much the same thing, same taste? You may, but you’d be wrong and so were we. Whatever time you feel it appropriate to imbibe then receive a warm welcome from Daniel and his team at the 45 Bar on Hotel Street; “gin and tonic please”, but which one?

Burleighs offer three distinct choices, their Signature with fresh pink grapefruit, the Export Strength at 47% abv (alcohol by volume, if you ever wondered), served with fresh basil and an orange wedge, or the more unusual Distiller’s Cut, a good hit at 47% abv as well, but served with smouldering rosemary and pink grapefruit, sound intriguing? wait till you taste it!

As per our own tasting of all three, we are reliably informed one should really have a good 50cl measure, not some mere splash measure, and adding to the craft of perfect G&Ts are the use of different tonics, Fever-Tree to be exact, who produce natural tonics for these exquisite drinks.

Whatever your experience and wisdom with fine spirits the Burleighs G&Ts at 45 West are defined by their taste, something special and that is without mentioning the cocktail menu. You might also rather like the Red Room available for exclusive hire for your own evening of gin, cocktails and merriment, or a slightly more reserved business meeting, but we hope not too reserved please. To find out more about 45 West Bottle Shop and Bar please visit

Ever heard of Messy Bessy? No, it’s not one of the regulars, it’s the name for the grande dame herself, the gleaming copper pot still that produces all of Burleighs Gin. The distillery based out on a farm in Nanpantan is also the home of the 45 Gin School, yes a school for gin lovers and a great experience we recommend to gin pros and newbies alike. There in the school you have the chance to see the distillery at work, meet a Gin Distiller whilst learning about botanicals, then concocting your own secret recipe which you distil right there in your own mini still, of course there is a G&T or two to keep you from thirst during your studies.

Whether you are looking for a unique hen do, an office day out, a gift, or just fancy swatting up on your gin knowledge, Gin School runs regularly throughout the year, with demand being highly sought, for this romper of a drink, crafted right here in our own ‘green and pleasant’. To find out more about Burleighs Gin and the 45 Gin School click here and to keep up to date with all things gin join their mailing list.

We have tasted the gins, we’ve marvelled at Messy Bessy, we’ve slurped in the Red Room and we’ve been to Gin School, if you’ve not done it, then you’re flunking, so get back to school quick! Oh and don’t miss the Bottle Shop too, which offers a fine selection of wines and spirits not seen in Leicester for some time, gosh there is so much on offer, we suggest you should pop in every week.


45 West Bottle Shop & Bar

4A, Hotel Street, Leicester. LE1 5AW

0116 251 9360 / [email protected]


45 Gin School, Bawdon Lodge Farm,

Nanpantan Road, Nanpantan,

Loughborough. LE12 9YE

0116 436 2016 / [email protected]

KuKu Connect Members receive 10% off 45 Gin School vouchers and 10% off all cocktails, beers, house wines, spirits and mixers at the 45 West Bar on Hotel Street with their Privilege Card. Please also enquire for exclusive hire and discounts of the 45 West Bar’s Red Room with your Privilege Card.