KuKu Connect Co-Founders receiving a Gold Award

KuKu Connect is immensely proud to support His Majesty’s Armed Services and the wider Armed Forces community at home and overseas and is an Armed Forces Covenant Holder, which is our commitment, as a UK business in partnering with Defence.

“Stephen Goddard, myself and all at KuKu Connect are fully committed to supporting His Majesty’s Armed Forces and the wider Forces community. Feeling proud about one’s own country, honouring and remembering the fallen and all those who have served this country is something that individuals and businesses alike should take great pride in marking.

At KuKu Connect we pledge our support to our Covenant and to the wider activities, memorials and celebrations of the brave men and women who have fought in service of others, their own communities and for their country and we are proud to be a part of this wider community and programme.” Philip Brooks-Stephenson, KL – Armed-Forces Champion, KuKu Connect Co—Founder

You can read about our commitments and our Covenant to the Armed Forces including those who are currently serving, Reservists, Adult Cadet Volunteers, Veterans, their families/dependents and wider work of the regional Reserve Forces and Cadets Associations across the country by clicking here.

For more information and to become a business Covenant Holder please visit: https://www.armedforcescovenant.gov.uk

KuKu Connect Co-Founders receiving a Silver Award


A special message from our Armed Forces Champion from the Partnering with Defence Conference in Westminster 2022 – view the video 

Remembrance Day and 100 years of the Royal British message from our Armed Forces Champion – view the video

Congratulations from KuKu Connect to East Midlands businesses for MOD Silver Awards – view the video

“KuKu Connect are well-known across the East Midlands, wider Midlands and from 2020 onwards, all over the UK and even overseas for their fantastic support to the community, however KuKu’s community extends far beyond traditional NFP causes.

KuKu Connect has long been a committed supporter of the Armed Forces community since its inception in 2016. KuKu is unique across the East Midlands and as far as I am aware across the UK in their respective sector in terms of their support and engagement with the Armed Forces community; not only as a Covenant holder, but active in marking and promoting out to wide audiences the importance of Armistice, the Poppy Appeal and the Armed Services Day etc.

KuKu have actively engaged and supported Ex-Forces business people through their network, such as myself and others across the East Midlands and happily go above and beyond for ex-service personnel who move into enterprise/self employment. Their support is far reaching and has ranged from introducing me to business connections/clients, promoting my brand and sharing opportunities for securing new business and collaborations.

KuKu have also used their own digital reach and platforms to help promote my own enterprises which has massive impact as KuKu’s online audiences are some 100k+, if not, now higher with their pandemic service. At their annual event they actively include and invite all manner of Armed Forces representatives to showcase the important roles for he Forces and the AFC, even including ‘Uniform and Decorations’ as part of the dress code to specifically celebrate the contribution of the Forces to the UK, but also the individual Ex-Forces and Reservists who are a part of their network/community, using the annual event as another opportunity for the Armed Forces to promote their work and business partnering with Defence.

They have raised funds for veterans, ex-service personnel and their dependents and they have further promoted and given opportunity to those charitable causes. More recently their work through the pandemic has not stopped KuKu from providing both supportive and innovative services, despite the limitations upon businesses and KuKu Connect’s own income, but they have not only continued to diversify and continue their important work, they have in fact elevated their reach to even more people and organisations, acting as an excellent ambassador for businesses supporting the Forces.

Their online videos and features of the Poppy Appeal in 2020 impacted nationally, so far beyond their own region in the East Midlands. KuKu streamed the official Armed Services Day footage through their own social media channels which was viewed by thousands, just some examples of their pandemic work.

KuKu Connect has been recognised at Cabinet Office level, in the NHS, locally and in the business community with a number of highly prestigious business awards at national and global level, of which the Armed Forces Covenant and AF Community have been a beneficiary of through KuKu Connect’s outstanding proactive support, innovation, care and heartfelt commitment.”

Chris Windley, RN, W.E.O. (Retd)

Chief Executive, Cyber Security Valley UK

Chris Windley (centre) at a Connect Reception