during the COVID-19 outbreak

During the current Coronavirus outbreak we will be continuing to support our KuKu Members and the business community and encouraging us all to carry on going, carry on smiling and carry on connecting during this difficult time. To ensure we continue to support you, the business community we will be hosting an additional virtual networking event called KuKu Cocktail Hour, posting a live daily video promoting business, events and opportunities with a tip of the day, running a brand new, free Linkedin and Facebook group and we will be welcoming any business to tag KuKu Connect into their content to share positive news about their business.

To ensure you benefit from these services please connect with us in the following ways:

See our daily live videos on our Youtube channel and subscribe!

Join our Facebook Group

Join our Linkedin Group

Connect with Directors Stephen Goddard and Philip Brooks-Stephenson on Linkedin

Together we will get through this and remember – carry on going – carry on smiling – carry on connecting.

Stephen, Philip and the KuKu Team.