Nominations for the East Midlands Women’s Awards (EMWA) were open in May and the calibre of nominees continues to astound us. Building on last year’s success, we are inspired to continue our focus on putting the spotlight on the wonderful contribution women make in our region. The Employment rate for women across the East Midlands for 2017 was 69.2% only 9.9% below that of men in the region, and just under the national rate for women of 70.1%. This tells us that women are contributing nearly as much as men in the workplace, along with continuing their traditional roles in the home and facing the gender pay gap at work. EMWA is about finding those women who are making a difference and showcasing their work to everyone. It’s about raising the profile of those who deserve to be noticed. We’re here to inspire our young women and show nationally that the East Midlands is a place to be reckoned with. Sandra Pollock, Founder, EMWA.

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Here is what last’s year overall winner had to say when she was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester in May.

Here is what last’s year overall winner had to say when she was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester in May.

“These Awards are really important. The event was incredible. There was a fantastic feeling in the room. The women there were celebrating each other. There wasn’t a since of competitiveness. People were really, really pleased to celebrate female entrepreneurship right across the midlands, and certainly for somebody like myself, who’s been running a business on her own, it can be very isolating, and you can find it’s very stressful. So, when you get recognised at an event like this, it absolutely boosts your morale. And there’s no question about it of course, the media that then results from winning such an amazing award really does help to boost your business. So, it’s a win, win.”

Glynis Wright,
Winner of the Outstanding Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Award &
the East Midlands Inspirational Leader of the Year 2017 Award.

2018 is the centennial year of suffrage and as Leicester is a Centenary City, we could think of no better location for this year’s gala event. We hope you will join us.

Gala Event Date: Friday 28th September 2018
Venue: St Martins House Conference Centre, 7 Peacock Lane, Leicester, LE1
Time: 7:00pm till 11:30pm
Nominations Closing Date: 15 August 2018

Thank you to this year‘s venue sponsor, St Martin’s Lodge.

One of last year’s sponsors, Bev Sankey was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester and had this to say:

“I was very, very honoured to sponsor one of the Awards. I felt it was a fantastic celebration of women’s entrepreneurial skills. And having been an entrepreneur myself for over 25 years, it was something that I was very passionate about supporting. So, I was also one of the judges. It was a major feat. Mainly due to the quality of the nominations, they just blew me away. For me it was a real eye opener at the variety of businesses that we as women actually have and it’s incredible the about of energy that women put into their business endeavour.”
Bev Sankey
Health Living, Arbonne
Sponsor of the EMWA Outstanding
Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Award.


The main goal of EMWA is to showcase the towering examples of female excellence and achievement that exist here in the East Midlands. Women are indeed making a powerful difference in all areas.

As a business owner your support of EMWA makes a strong statement to your staff, customers and the wider communities about the value your business places on women’s input.
Join us by nominating a woman who deserves to receive recognition or by becoming a sponsor or partner in these Awards.
To find out more about how to make a nomination visit or contact Sandra Pollock, Founder, on 07977227872 or email at [email protected]