Local Author Says Conversations with IMPACT Are Life Transforming

Local and regional coach and therapist, Mark Evans, launches his new book, ‘How to Transform Your Life with IMPACT: Unlock the Best of You’ on the 19th August aiming to inspire and help thousands more to transform their lives.

Commenting on the book Mark said, “This book is for adults who are faced with persistent and intractable personal and professional difficulties and challenges.  The book offers a powerful way to understand and overcome these.  I wrote the book after working in the mental health field as a coach and therapist for many years and seeing first hand just how many people experience mental health and emotional wellbeing difficulties due to issues they face in life.

“In my experience people struggle to resolve these issues not because they can’t but because they don’t know how.  ‘How to Transform Your Life with IMPACT’ shows you how.  It takes readers through the six stages of The IMPACT Model which are Impact, Meaning, Patterns, Acceptance, Challenge and Transformation.  I’ve developed and honed the IMPACT Model over 15 years in practice and its six powerful concepts are core to successful and sustained transformation.”

Susie Ward, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Coach commented on the book saying, “Well, this is a self-help book with a punch.  Straight to the point, with a no nonsense approach and an immediate ‘let’s get to work straight away’ focus to it.  Refreshingly void of jargonised language, ideas and concepts that are hard to get a hold of.  Warm and compassionate with a very real nod to and understanding of human struggle and difficulty.  A plethora of tools, techniques and strategies are shared to enable the reader to make a positive difference to their lives.  There is so much to draw from his IMPACT Model that it’s hard to imagine anyone walking away from this book with nothing to take away.  Mark has managed to squeeze his vast learning, wisdom and experience as a Coach and a Counsellor into this booked which is crammed with ways to be the best version of ‘YOU’.  It is a little gem of a book and a non-stop ride.”

A client of Mark’s, who wished to remain anonymous, added, “Put simply this book is a revelation.  Part workbook, part instruction, part life guide this book really did impact my life.  I found as I read and undertook the exercises that a few days later my outlook on life was beginning to change.  Issues I had previously had trouble with I found I could address.  While I’m sure I have a way to go on my journey this book has made me feel, for the first time, that I can move on from events of my past.”

Adds Mark, “Nothing and I mean nothing is more important than our health and wellbeing and I think the recent pandemic has proved that to us.  Everything is dependent on our health and wellbeing and if we neglect that what we value most in life becomes threatened. ‘How to Transform Your Life with IMPACT’ is a book for anyone wanting to work through life’s challenges so they can flourish in good times and remain resilient through difficult ones.”

‘How To Transform Your Life with IMPACT: Unlock the Best of You’ is available on Amazon.