Ok, so Art, does it secretly make you nervous? Do you pretend you know about ‘old masters’ and what contemporary art is? Do you just nod politely, with a timid ‘mmmm’ when someone says “darling that’s so now”, when in reality you’ve not got a clue at what you are looking at? Do you walk past an art gallery, see something in the corner of your eye, but carry on walking because you think you’ll be interrogated by a sniffy gallery owner ?

Well don’t worry, most of us think a little like that and really there is no need, as the Oberon Gallery is here! *Note – please excuse references to the word “darling”, we just can’t resist, this is Art after all darling.

Nestled in the heart of boutique Leicester is the Oberon Gallery, number 27 of Loseby Lane, housed in a pretty Victorian building which seems to lend itself perfectly to being an art gallery. Currently spread over two floors, with a lift and meeting space available to hire Oberon features a diverse array of artists, some of which are unique to Leicester, most likely the UK. You might be excused to think that art galleries can be pretty much the same, well not here, which is great testament to Leicester as a destination for both business and investment as well culture and tourism. So what makes Oberon so different? Well its down to owner Donna Cross who opened the gallery in November and who has already been drawing in art lovers from up and the down the country with her unique collection of art.

We went to the gallery to see for ourselves and yes, we became a little anxious as, darling its contemporary art, but within minutes nerves were abated, as we received a warm, smiley welcome from Donna’s team, a little like meeting up with a friend for a cocktail, or a good pot of tea (proper tea that is), in fact we had flutes of prosecco in our hands within minutes too and not because we were anything special, no its just the style and service that makes up the Oberon Gallery and we don’t mind if we do.

One thing struck us straight away, no heirs and graces about art here,  just a hello and a smile, no one stalking your every move, sorry about that if that’s your art gallery vibe. Donna tells us she knew the gallery had to be in the Lanes area, as she felt the gallery would fit into the amazing offer of artisan and independent retailers, but she also said she wanted to be different. “People can be terrified of coming into an art gallery, I didn’t want people to feel like that. I would say to anyone come on in and have a look.” Its refreshing to know the Oberon Gallery is a place anyone is welcome to come in and nose around and browse, whether art newbie or the seasoned artie, (like foodie) not sure that’s a word, but we will go with it. Oh and btw ‘contemporary art’, it just means the artist is still living, see art is easy, thanks Donna.

Talking of artists what makes the Oberon Gallery unique and different? Donna’s eye for offering a wide range for all tastes is clearly a natural talent, but Donna has made a brave move to challenge the commercial art status quo and exhibits unknown artists including local talent. Donna has already caused a dash of controversy by exhibiting art made from Plasticine with an artie commenting “why on earth”, but for Oberon its not all about commercial art, its also about introducing people to new work, new local talent and causing people to notice something unusual, isn’t that what arts suppose to do? Well we think so and so does Donna, so good enough for us.

The gallery exhibits more traditional original paintings of floral and landscape scenes from celebrity artists such as Timmy Mallet, yes the chap from children’s television, who has a great talent and following, international artists like Andrei Protsouk, Leigh Lambert and Jean Picton and the fab post glamour, urban/pop artist Lhouette, which we love and its worth a look even if you aren’t a buyer. In fact buying art isn’t as far fetched as you might think. Donna prides herself on being a gallery that has something for every taste, but almost every budget having sold an original painting worth over £48,000 to ensuring her gallery has art starting from as little as £99, with interest free credit options available, so not quite as out of this world as you might have thought.

Art can be an investment? Well Donna says “art is something that is always with you, its not something like a new coat, or car, as they won’t be with you for life and probably won’t increase in value. Part of our role to you is being your art adviser, we aren’t pushy sales people, we have the experience and knowledge to know which artists will become the new sought after artwork, but buying art is about emotion, we would always advise to buy from your heart, because that’s how art should effect you and that’s how you know what art you like.”

Donna’s wise words follow through with the offer in her gallery with sculpture, scenes from Wind in the Willows, to impressionist pieces, moody and nostalgic limited edition prints to animals and portrait style art, darling, have we tempted you yet?

The gallery will also be working with UK Master Photographer of the Year Stu Williamson, also based in Leicestershire, so look out for his renowned photographic art next year. Stu is also our master photographer and KuKu Connect Member (cue shameful plug). Well we are running out of time before Christmas and we’ve not told half the interesting facts that make up the Oberon Gallery, so we are going to do a part 2, oh stuck for Christmas gift ideas, you should have picked up a good idea by now, or just simply treat yourself to something new and different for 2017.

There is a lot more to come from Donna and the exciting new Oberon Gallery, with artists queuing up to visit to meet with Donna’s ever expanding clientele, so look out for Oberon’s events and all their news on their website. For now, ‘keep calm and carry on’ and go into the gallery, go on we dare you, you can be a novice to art, but you will love it and you’ll love Donna and the friendly welcome of her team, you never know you might just end up becoming an art collector yourself, darling ;)

The Oberon Gallery

‘The Lanes’

27, Loseby Lane,

Leicester. LE1 5DR

0116 253 8484


KuKu Connect Members receive 8% off any piece of art in the gallery. Meeting room space for 16 people inc tea/coffee reduced to just £100 for 2 hours on weekdays, or upgrade for another £30 for 6 bottles of Prosecco with your Privilege Card.