KuKu Connect is a vibrant membership service connecting businesses and entrepreneurs at hand-picked receptions in luxurious locations across Leicester and Leicestershire. We offer a fresh alternative to traditional business networking. Showcase your services and indulge your senses by mixing business with pleasure at our exciting and effective receptions.

Whatever stage of business you’ve reached, KuKu Connect gives you the chance to create vital relationships with key decision makers and business leaders, so you can secure superior business connections. Plus, our Connect Privilege Card opens the door to first-class offers from across the local business community. Read more…

As a KuKu Connect member, you will also have access to a wide range of effective marketing, advertising, online promotional platforms and a social media reach of thousands. Benefit from our refreshing and effective approach to business development.

Did you know that our Connect Community extends to supporting and promoting the wider community of Leicestershire and self-employment and entrepreneurship initiatives with graduates, younger people and those returning to work.

KuKu Connect receptions take place at 6 – 8pm on the first Thursday of every month through January to November.