14% off Books and Training Manuals Translation Services

As we enter the new year, PAB Languages Centre is continuing to help our clients to communicate effectively and grow their audiences worldwide.

PAB Languages Centre offers KuKu Connect members a fantastic 14% off Books and Training Manuals translation services.

When you work with PAB, you’re working with experienced translators and editors who will ensure that the translated version reflects what the author wanted, whilst making it relevant and understandable to readers worldwide, irrespective of the language and culture.

This special offer includes translation services of Academic books, Literature, Medical Books, Textbooks, and training manuals.

PAB has built a strong team of professional translators, experienced editors, and language experts. Together, they deliver expert language and cultural support in over 200 languages. PAB will seamlessly convey the essence of your work to readers from across the globe in the language they understand.

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Telephone:  07799772360   Email [email protected]   Web: www.pabtranslation.co.uk