Carry on with KuKu

Reach thousands of businesses in the East Midlands

At KuKu Connect we are proud to launch a whole free service to aid and support thousands of businesses to ‘carry on going, carry on smiling & carry on connecting’.

We already work with thousands of businesses across the region to connect businesses and entrepreneurs to do business, form partnerships and to work together to support and promote the region’s economy. We have therefore launched an emergency service using our digital and virtual platforms to keep a vital ‘lifeline’ for you as a business to carry on connecting and working together to promote your individual businesses and services.

The free service is in the form of a daily video and includes:

  • promotion of individual businesses
  • promotion of venues who have had to close
  • shout outs to businesses from across the region encouragin other business people to connect and visit their website.
  • business tips
  • positive quotes
  • a daily song choice to keep your spirits high!

In addition to the daily videos, we have also opened up free business Facebook and LinkedIn groups which allows you as a business to share positive news, promote your business and service, to help business peers and to promote opportunities and virtual/digital events that keep business going, but overall add to the community efforts and resilience of the country’s business communities.

And finally, we have launched ‘KuKu Cocktail Hour’ which is our twice monthly online networking event on our Facebook page. Each Cocktail Hour gives you the chance to share your details in the live chat function as we do shout outs to the viewers. Our Cocktail Hours receive around 2,000 views and are free to attend. We won’t see you (so there’s no need to dress up) but you will see us. These hours are fun, friendly and effective so do join us!

Directors Stephen Goddard and Philip Brooks-Stephenson who founded KuKu Connect are also be offering free advice sessions to individual business with creative ideas and support to keep business ticking over the peak periods of the COVID-19 pandemic which is affecting thousands of businesses in the region already.

See all of our Carry on KuKu daily videos on Youtube!

We’ve been recording daily videos every day since March giving shout outs, business tips and sharing offers from across the business community so why not take a look at our Youtube channel and carry on connecting!

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Stephen Goddard Philip Brooks-Stephenson

Stephen says…

“KuKu Connect is about supporting & connecting businesses and it is not going to stop now, so we are in a privileged position to have large communication platforms in which we can use to help businesses, so please use the free services and let’s carry on together, to carry on going, to carry on smiling and to carry on connecting businesses.” Said Stephen Goddard, KuKu Connect Co-Founder

Philip says…

“We set-up creative business networking back in 2016 to great success, so we are now being creative again in this worrying time for businesses by offering free services and effective, positive support to any business, it’s what KuKu is all about and the challenge of this virus will not stop us from supporting businesses albeit in a positive and social-contactless way and it will be free to any business.” Said Philip Brooks-Stephenson, KuKu Connect Co-Founder