Doctor’s orders – why not ALL skincare clinics must close in ‘second wave’

We heard this week that newly released papers from Sage revealed that the Government’s advisers had called for widespread national measures, including the closure of ‘personal care’.

That is the category which hairdressers and beauty salons fall within and could prove hugely damaging to these hardworking businesses who have already been through the mill this year with legislation and all manner of other measures.

Eudai Clinic is not subject to these suggestions, as we are a doctor-led medical practice, rather than in the beauty sector but few things are clear in this ever-evolving scenario of Lockdown v2.

In fact, I’ve been talking to many of my peers in the medical aesthetics community and a huge number of them didn’t even close in the initial lockdown because they follow the same medical models of business as we do. You can learn more about your Patient Journey with us here.

At Eudai Clinic, we specialise in holistic medical consultations – all of which are carried out by me Dr Dimi – a fully accredited medical aesthetics speciality doctor.

During these consultations (which can be online or in person) I assess your skin and facial structure to design a bespoke treatment plan just for you.

As per our medical model, all of the skincare products I use are high-quality, prescription-only and evidence-based. There truly is no “one-size-fits-all” in aesthetics and as such I treat each patient uniquely taking into consideration their individual needs.

You can learn more about your Patient Journey with us here.

As you may recall, we chose to play safe and move slowly when we opened this summer with an online consultation model as we geared up to our full launch and that is still hugely popular as it helps us to get a better understanding of our customers’ needs before they come and see us for a treatment.

Whilst the uncertainty lingers over lockdown and the concept of the medical practice exemption remains a grey area, we would advise that your first port of call in considering your treatment programme, whether it be anti-wrinkle treatment, mesotherapy, micro-needling, dermal fillers or our hugely popular chemical peels is to learn a little more about them with us.

Then you can book your first online consultation with me, Dr Dimi.

I will only recommend the products that would be the most beneficial for your skin type and skin concerns and you can get the best possible advice without you even needing to leave the office.

That’s the medical model difference from your doctor.