Managing Director, Stephen Goddard was delighted to get to know KuKu member Julie Anne Hart to find out more about her service and enjoy  an intuitive consultation. Read all about it and watch the video below.

I met Julie Anne at a lovely hotel in Cromford and was lead to a private space where she was waiting for me. She had already begun her research and had a lot of words and phrases written on many pieces of paper which were indicators of the messages she had already tapped into. After a nice cup of tea and chat we got straight into the consultation and Julie Anne explained and described many situations in business that did directly relate to me and the business as she went through each piece of paper. Her explanations were  clear and in many ways felt ‘spot on’ and I didn’t feel in any way that she was ‘leading’ me to say certain things.

Not being an expert in this area I was at first a little reluctant to ask questions but Julie Anne encouraged this and soon the conversation was flowing wonderfully with my questions all being answered in a definite, non woolley way. It felt like a safe environment where I could ask whatever I wanted and the time went quite quickly indeed!

This consultation was purely focussed on business and felt refreshing in the sense that it wasn’t about my private life so much, but more the development of my business and also, it wasn’t your typical ‘spiritual reading’ so there was no crystal ball, no darkened room with candles but more so inspiring conversation. As I say in my video, in my opinion, it really doesn’t matter if you ‘believe’ or not as this session was truly inspiring and even though I don’t know where this information came from, nevertheless, it was very useful and it left me feeling positive and optimistic about the future of my business and I came away form it brimming with ideas, energy and inspiration.

I personally would highly recommend Julie Anne Hart, whether you would like a single session or even regular sessions. You can find out more about Julie Anne at or meet her at one of our Leicestershire Connect Receptions!