Putting Newark Independents on the map!

KuKu Connect Nottingham Member, Find me the Leads has collaborated with a Newark based artist [Christine Godlschmidt] to create a Newark Foodie Map showcasing 19 independent food and drink outlets from in and around the town.

The map is available to pick up in 40 different locations including the outlets featured, visitor attractions, accommodation providers and tourist information centres.

Thanks to the support of visit Notts, the map is also available to pick up in paper form and view in digital format in the Nottingham Travel & Tourism Centre.

The map has received rave reviews from the outlets featured with one cafe owner saying her customers were using it as a “Cafe Crawl”. News has even spread north of the County to Retford with one local resident asking for a copy in advance of a trip to Newark for a day out.

The map is a spin off a the very popular Facebook Group “To my front door” [https://www.facebook.com/groups/tomyfrontdooruknewark] run by Find me the Leads which champions independent food and drink in and around Newark by providing offers, insights, ideas and information to members. The group has become an active community of over 3,500 foodie lovers who access the group to ask for recommendations and share their experiences.

Leisa Pickles, Chief Go Getter at Find me the Leads welcomes anyone from the KuKu connect community to join the group and help Newark Independents get on the map!

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