KuKu takes to the world stage with global award

KuKu Connect have been recognised on the world stage during the COVID pandemic crisis through ‘heroic actions’ as a social entrepreneur in support of thousands of businesses all over the UK and even overseas. KuKu has been awarded with an award from The Global Business Excellence Awards for ‘Outstanding Innovation during COVID-19’.

“This nomination and award win, was a total surprise, so we were shocked at actually winning this fantastic award for our work and support services through the pandemic. We are very much an SME, but we have a big heart and our wishes of supporting others through the pandemic has taken KuKu into a new global arena, where the power of our digital services has reached as far as the USA and Europe, so we are very proud to show that small businesses can make a huge difference.” Philip Brooks-Stephenson, Co-Founder of KuKu Connect

The Global Business Excellence Awards pride themselves on having a large panel of independent expert judges who select winners according to strict criteria for each category and sector; focussing on financial results, innovation, customer, employee, investor and community benefits.

Commenting on KuKu Connect, the winner in the Outstanding Innovation during Covid-19 category, the chairman of the judges said: “When business networking membership company KuKu Connect had to put its business activities on hold because of Covid-19 restrictions, it reinvented itself as a social entrepreneur offering customers and non-clients a range of free virtual networking services. Using social media and videos, the company is supporting around 30,000 organisations a day and enabling them to connect with each other. Congratulations to KuKu Connect for its heroic actions and for giving businesses and those working at home a terrific boost.”

“The Global Business Excellence Awards are one of the world’s highest profile awards and winning this accolade speaks volumes about the quality of your work. Due to their high profile, the Awards attract a wide range of entries from across the world, from large international PLCs and public sector organisations to dynamic and innovative SMEs. The winners all have one thing in common – they are truly outstanding at what they do and KuKu Connect have proved this by winning a Global Business Excellence Award.”

“We are delighted to have been recognised by this award and we are so grateful that other people and organisations nominated us, that really is special. We receive messages of thanks and support nearly every day, but we also receive hundreds of requests for help and support, so we are very much still here with our daily services until the end of the pandemic.” Stephen Goddard, Co-Founder of KuKu Connect

KuKu have also been recognised at local level and it was announced that KuKu Connect have been nominated and made a finalist in the Derby Mainframe Awards for the Best Local Network. The Mainframe Awards seeks to recognise those in the creative and digital sectors in Derbyshire. The awards final takes place on 27th April.

The KuKu support services are open to any business, hospitality venue and NFP organisation, so if you have not connected with KuKu and their pandemic work, see below to find out how KuKu can support your organisation.

How can KuKu Connect help your business for free?

KuKu Cocktail Hour (free, online business networking)

Held live on Facebook at 5pm on the last Wednesday of each month from the‘KuKu Connect Corona’ Group. This is your opportunity to connect with thousands of businesses every month. Use the live feed to connect and promote your business or just sit back and listen for exclusive offers, business shout outs and much more.  KuKu also welcome any organisation to submit their details for free shout-outs, all over cocktails – for more information visit the events page here

New Social Media Groups

A place where you can connect with other businesses, carry on networking, share and promote your business and services – post about your own offers and support to other organisations.

Join on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social Media Support

Remember to tag KuKu Connect into your own social media posts, so they can share your business, news, events or offers out to their thousands of followers.

KuKu Business Bites

Regular video business shout outs from Stephen and Philip about YOUR business.


Stephen and Philip also have their own Youtube channel as seen on Notts TV where they showcase luxury products and places in their own, unique way  Subscribe to their Youtube Channel here.

If you would like more information on KuKu’s free pandemic support services or some 1-1 support please get in touch

And remember…

KuKu Connect will be back hosting their exciting physical networking events as soon as restrictions allow!